2023-2024 Carle-Illinois (2024)

Here are the secondaries @chilly_md

It seems like it is similar to last year, and on top of this portfolio section there is a video response section you will have to do on a topic of their choosing.

Carle Illinois is looking for everything most other medical schools are looking for – and something more. If you are completing our secondary application, you have already passed the threshold for our competency checklist. Well done. Now we want to find out more about you.

Our secondary application is unique. We are looking for physician-innovators. Does that describe you? Our secondary application is your chance to demonstrate that you have the compassion, curiosity and creativity we believe a physician-innovator needs. We are asking you to complete a portfolio comprised of three artifacts and three very short essays (100 words each). The portfolio provides an opportunity to SHOW US and TELL US how compassion, curiosity, and creativity have played out in your life through visual artifacts and short essays. How do you exemplify these values? How have you grown in these areas? Show us and tell us the connections between these values and your experience. The artifacts should be somewhat reflective in nature so share your thoughts and insights. For example, if you did or are still doing work in a research lab, we are less interested in a detailed description of the science and more interested in learning what you actually did, how YOU contributed, and if you were able to be innovative. Was the activity you are presenting part of a class for credit or something you did on your own? Was this part of a team? If so, what was YOUR role? Show us and tell us who you are, and why you are a strong applicant for our program.

Each artifact should be uploaded as a PDF (one page for each value, formatted no larger than 8.5" x 11"). No hyperlinks or embedded videos are allowed. We encourage you to make your artifacts image focused. Your artifacts will be most powerful if you include multiple activities for each and clearly indicate the quality and depth of your experience, but only include that which is meaningful for the value. You may repeat experiences listed on your AMCAS application and/or include new ones. Please do not include activities from high school or earlier unless they are of very high quality or impact (an example would be achieving Eagle Scout rank). Family interactions/relationships ("spending time with family") are unlikely to score well unless you can show how they are noteworthy or significant (an example would be full-time caregiver for a family member for a period). As you are completing your portfolio, please keep in mind that our screeners will evaluate your portfolio independently BEFORE they evaluate your AMCAS application so do not assume the screeners are aware of any of the information in your AMCAS.

Captions or other brief notes can be included on the artifact to help the screener understand your images. Don't provide an essay in place of a visual artifact unless you are an extraordinarily skilled writer! In addition to any notes included on your artifact, each artifact will be accompanied by a very brief essay (maximum 100 words) to give context to your artifact. While the content of your portfolio is of primary importance, our reviewers are also evaluating your presentation. This does not mean you have to be "artistic", but it is valuable to show an innovative approach.

We believe in creating physicians who, in addition to solving healthcare's most complex problems, are also tender, kind, and warm. From day one, you will be working with patients.

Show Us - How have you changed the lives of others? What have you experienced that has fostered a deep sense of compassion? For example, have you had a moving volunteer experience? Have you learned through adversity and shared those lessons with others in need? Share with us the ways you’ve impacted a larger population and help us see how you will be the type of physician we would entrust with our most beloved community members.

Upload Compassion PDF artifact.
Tell Us - In 100 words or less, explain how this artifact reflects Carle Illinois College of Medicine's value of Compassion.

Carle Illinois College of Medicine values lifelong learners. We want to see your passion for learning and growing!

Show Us - How have you explored new interests, cultures, or people? Have you identified a need and taken the initiative to respond to that need? For example, is there a research project or work experience you’d like to share? Has your curiosity fostered a deeper sense of vulnerability, resilience, or life-long learning? If so, how? Let us see where your curiosity has taken you.

Upload Curiosity PDF artifact
Tell Us - In 100 words or less, explain how this artifact reflects Carle Illinois College of Medicine's value of Curiosity.

The dictionary tells us that innovation is a new method, idea, or product. Often there is an outcome, a clearly defined result, or a new thing is discovered. The introduction of something new requires dynamic thinking and creative solutions. Creativity is key to innovation. Help us see your creativity!

Show Us - What are the ways you demonstrate you have an active mind? What are you really proud of? For example, have you used technology in novel or distinct ways? What innovative solutions have you employed in your work, healthcare, or hobbies? Have you taken a risk to respond to a problem, to express yourself, or to achieve your goals? Describe how you live and lead a creative life.

Upload Creativity PDF Artifact
Tell Us - In 100 words or less, explain how your artifact reflects Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s value of Creativity.

2023-2024 Carle-Illinois (2024)
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