5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (2024)

In this buyer's guide, let's check out the 7best AR15 laser light combo based on control ergonomics, beam performance, durability and tactical applications.

These are some of the top tier products for serious users. For the best results, mount them on free float rail systems with minimum handguard flex to maintain zero.

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Best Laser Light Combo For AR15s

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MODLITE & Steiner DBAL I2- Best Flashlight Laser Pointer Combo

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (1)

MODLITE offers 3X the lumen and candela capabilities for rifle applications than a factory Surefire Scout, and the DBAL I2 provides the best value IR and green laser capability.

If you are using the MLOK handguard, this is the best M-LOK laser light combo with various mounting positions.

For medium range applications, this is a good laser light combo to go with.

4X More Beam Throw – Perfect for a tight beam for threat control and for PID further out in the distances. Modlite OKW features a 69,000 candela refector, which is about 400% more than a Surefire M600DF, and about ~27% more than the Cloud Defensive OWL.

Works With Scout Mounts – MODLITE heads fit on any 18650 or 18350 scout footprint bodies. Tons of mounting accessories available anything from M1913, M-LOK & KEYMOD [Including offset mounts]

  • IR
  • PLHv2 head ( 1350 lumens / 54K candela)

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (2)


Great Mounting Ergonomics - Tuck in both DBAL & light super tight on the handguard & operate them with one hand (Using a good pressure switch system)

Steiner DBAL A3 - US Military Standard Issue

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (3)

Referenced Unity Tactical

The DBAL A3 is an field grade FULL POWER AR 15 laser sight (US military standard issue). The A3 model is a restricted model (Available for commercial market) offering IR and dual beam IR laser and illuminator.

[Full Power] 50mW IR laser pointer & illuminator, 80mW read visible laser

Cold Weather Proof - Laser diode can hold up as low as -20°C and maintain its reliability

IR Illuminator Beam Adjustment - Widen or narrow the IR beam focus based on desired target PID distance

Tool-less Knob Adjustment - No flat head screw driver or shell casing needed to turn the elevation and windage knobs.

Dual Cable Ports - Fast transition from low light to daylight by using dual switch feature (highly recommend the TNVC TAPS Switch)

CQB & Long Range - IR illuminator can lit up to 200 meters with night vision goggle

Slaved IR & Laser - Zeroing procedure moves align IR and visible green laser pointers at the same time

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (4)

Why pick the ATPIAL C - The L3 brand rifle laser light combo have real combat field track record. The ATPIAL C is the civilian legal model of the PEQ15, and it's one of the most reliable civilian grade laser device you can buy

It’s lightweight, sits low on the rail to clear optics andeasy to zero, has slaved IR/vis lasers making zeroing possible in the day, and has good compatibility with accessories on the market.

Great Range With 0.7mw IR laser - Reaches out to 450 yards under good evening conditions to properly target identify past 100 yards.

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (5)

Sits Low On Handguard - Mounts directly to M1913 rail with a low profile everything tucked in configuration

Pressure Pad Activation - The user can push the button on the top, or connecting a good pressure switch to the rear of the unit.

Surefire SR09 D IT pressure switch pad is very popular for this piece of gear

Steiner DBAL A4 - Best For Long Range

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (6)

Referenced Steiner

The Steiner DBAL A4 is a comprehensive solution that encompasses multiple features essential for tactical operations. It includes a 500 lumen light, a 0.5mW laser (available in Green or Red), and an adjustable 0.7mW IR laser and illuminator.

Pressure Switch Activation - Activate the device using either a C clamp grip thumb activation or rear pressure switches located on the back of the unit. Alternatively, you can connect a pressure switch pad for added convenience.

Versatile Compatibility - Combine the DBAL A4 with other Scout-type weapon lights and link them together using a programmable pressure switch pad mounted on the handguard.

Integrated 500 Lumen Light - Benefit from a dual-function unit with a 500 lumen light, providing a backup visible light source in case of primary light failure.

Adjustable Illuminator Field of View - Easily switch between a Narrow Field of View and Flood (Wide Field of View) Illumination, enabling adaptability to various tactical scenarios.

Night Vision Compatibility - Minimize visible signature while utilizing the laser in low-light conditions. The aiming laser and illuminator are visible only to users equipped with night vision goggles, making it particularly advantageous in real-world combat situations.

Adjustable Elevation and Windage - Achieve precise accuracy by zeroing the laser. The DBAL A4 features uncapped elevation and windage adjustments, easily dialed in using a flat head screwdriver or a shell casing.

Olight Odin GL Mini - Best Value

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (7)

The Olight Odin GL Mini's is one of the best light laser combo for mid range application on budget. This time around, it features a brand new ring style mode selector and an updated magnetic pressure switch pad

Uses Surefire Scout Mount – Uses any Scout light mount available on the market (M1913 is the best for laser accuracy)

Intense Light Beam & Reach - The Olight Odin GL Mini features 1000 lumens and 8100 candela output.

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (8)

Minimal Laser Offset - The laser is inline with the beam to minimize laser offset

Check out Odin GL Mini review


Holosun LS321G - Best For The Money

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (9)

Why we like the Holosun LS321G-This is is made with 7075 T6 durable material to counter recoil and last in any condition.

IR / Visible Lasers Are SlavedTogether - Class 2M IR laser & visible laser are co-axially mounted to ensure both lasers are zeroed at the same position for ease of adjustment.

Included Remote Tape Switch - Quick thumb activation without having to shift your grip

BE Meyer MAWL - Ulimate Laser Device

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (10)

Why BE Meyer MAWL - The BE Meyer MAWL is currently the industry's top laser device that represents a true paradigm shift in firearm laser system design. It's everything in a laser device serious users have been waiting for.

Super Optimized Control Ergonomics - Optimized ergonomics for short barrel carbine setup to minimize impact on hand position and optic field of view.

This revolutionary design leaves the shooter completely unimpeded by mounting mission essential accessories.

Incredibly Intuitive Control - Rotating the front bezel to switch appropriate emitter modes. The Immediate Action button controls the 90% use case outputs per mode. The Admin button activates the other, less critical tertiary functions per mode.

  • OFF = all emitters covered
  • VIS = Only Visible Green emitter exposed
  • IR = Only IR Laser Pointer and IR Laser Illuminator emitters exposed.

Onboard controls include two “fire” buttons. The forward button is “IMMEDIATE,” while the rear button is “ADMIN.”

Easy Ambi Control- Optimized onboard fire button location allows the operator to keep the same firing grip while actuating the laser.

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (11)

The user can reverse the control pad orientation

Switch From Left To Right Any Time - The Modular design is a never-before-seen design that allows the head and tail to separate from the body, trade places, and be reassembled on the opposite side.

Everything Tucked In & Compact - The MAWL-C1+ optimizes top rail space and activation switch height. Only 0.37" above the rail, the buttons are lower than any other device. The bulk of the laser is tucked, offset into the rail, and fits perfectly with common weapon lights and micro BUIS.

Common FAQ

What To Look For When Buying An IR Laser

  • Modes - For night vision users, look for IR laser and Illuminator modes
  • Built In IR Illuminator - In dark areas, the ‘bloom’ of a laser will frequently obscure a large portion of a human torso, including the hands and face (the things we have to see to assess and accurately engage a threat). An illuminator ( basically a flashlight that can be seen under NV only) solves that problem.
  • Simple Operation - Most ‘bells and whistles’ are unimportant- and sometimes they even create impediments to normal use
  • Cost - Getting into the IR world isn't cheap, be prepared to spend at least $1-2K

Why Use White Light & Laser Combo?

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (12)

White visible light can PID targets and the visible or IR laser can be used to precisely aim at the target up close.

If you set up everything correctly on your AR15 handguard, you can work the light & laser simultaneously or individually based on how you grip the rifle. For that check out our ModButton VS Hotbutton guide

Aiming with the laser point at CQB distance is faster than aiming down the sight, but the shooter must have a good zero with constant laser to bore offset.

Read more about the pros and cons of laser sights

What Is The Difference Between IR & Visible Laser?

The difference between IR & visible laser is the color wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The IR laser (Infrared Laser) is invisible to the naked eye, and it can only be seen under a night vision device.

Can Civilians Legally Buy IR Lasers?

All IR Lasersare controlled by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and are classified as Class IIIb or IEC Class 3B Medical/IndustrialLasers. BecauseIR lasers are invisible to naked eyes, there is no reflexive response to look away or shut them

5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo (2024)


Is red or green laser better for ar15? ›

A green laser sight is superior to a red one in every aspect of its performance. The only reason you should prefer red is if you haven't got the money ready for green. But even if you can only afford a red laser sight, it's well worth it for the advantage it provides in poor lighting.

Where is the best place to mount a laser on an ar15? ›

Users can mount a laser at 12 o'clock, placing it on the top rail space in the front near the muzzle. There is a logical reason for this mounting position: Neither the front sight post nor the backup iron sights will block the laser beam.

What is the most powerful laser flashlight? ›

Wicked Lasers are the world's most powerful flashlights with the power to illuminate or incinerate. We want you to be fully satisfied with every item from Wicked Lasers. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price.

What is the most compact laser and light combo? ›

The LLC-compact is the smallest laser/light system in the market. It contains a powerful green laser together with a 200 lumen light.

What color laser is the strongest? ›

At the same photon flux… the bluer the laser the more power it puts out, and needs to run. “Blue” refers to ultraviolet and above as well as visible blue. So, at the same photon flux, gamma lasers are the most powerful.

Why do green lasers cost more than red lasers? ›

Additionally, a green laser can be visible over longer distances. - Green lasers are 10 to 50 x brighter than red lasers - Green lasers have a much farther distance than red lasers - Green laser tools typically have more components and better laser diodes which is why they tend to be more expensive.

Does the military use red or green lasers? ›

The short answer is, Yes. Visible colors like green, red, blue, and even purple/violet are used. The most common of the visible colors used would be Green and Red for a few key reasons. First of all, green laser light at the same power is 5x-7x brighter than other colors.

What side to mount flashlight on AR15? ›

For a light that is directly activated with a tailcap button, you'll usually want to position the light on the non-dominant side of your rifle– so for right-handed users, you'd mount the light on the left-hand side of your rifle, typically somewhere between 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock.

Should I put a red dot or a scope on my AR 15? ›

If you're looking to use your AR-15 for home defense or for situations between 0 to 50 yards, the red dot sight is gonna fit that job description. It's lighter, faster, and easier to use. Now if you're looking for close to long-range shots, we're talking over 100 plus yards, then you should go for the magnified scope.

What laser does the military use on rifles? ›

The AN/PEQ-2 Infrared Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Light (ITPIAL) is a laser sight for use on rifles fitted with a Picatinny rail.

What laser do navy seals use? ›

AN/PEQ-2 Infrared Illuminator/Aiming Laser – allows M4A1 to be effectively employed to 300 meters with night-vision goggles, by amplifying the light capability. ANPEQ-5 Visible Laser – fast and accurate means of aiming, primarily use in CQB/CRE.

What is the laser rifles best modifier? ›

The Laser Rifle can be considered an upgrade of the Space Gun, although the set bonus effect of Meteor armor does not apply to it. Its best modifier is Mythical.

What color laser is best for a rifle? ›

If you are not particularly concerned with laser visibility in the daylight and looking to save some money, a red laser site would be a good choice. If you are interested in using your laser sight in all lighting conditions, you should choose a green laser.

Are green line lasers better than red? ›

Green laser light is 10 to 50 x brighter than a red light laser. This means that even if you are working in direct sunlight, you will still be able to see a green laser quite clearly. Additionally, a green laser can be visible over longer distances.

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