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Pear Deck or joinpd helps teachers by making lessons more interactive. It allows teachers to create engaging presentations with questions and activities for students to participate in. With Pear Deck, teachers can assess student understanding in real-time and provide immediate feedback. This helps teachers to tailor their instruction to meet the needs of each student, leading to better learning outcomes.

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How to use Pear Deck as a teacher

Pear deck makes your lessons super fun! You add cool stuff like questions and polls to your slides. Students love it because they can join in and learn actively. Whether you’re in class or online, Pear Deck makes learning awesome for everyone. It helps you teach better and makes sure every student can be heard.

  • Start by creating your presentation slides using tools like Google Slides or PowerPoint.
  • Use Pear Deck’s interactive features like questions, polls, and drawing activities to engage your students throughout the presentation.
  • Launch a Pear Deck or join pd session by clicking on the Pear Deck add-on in your presentation tool and selecting “Start Lesson.” This generates a unique session code for your students to join.
  • Share the session code with your students and instruct them to join the session via the Pear Deck website using their devices.
  • Present your slides as usual, but with Pear Deck enabled. Your students will see the slides on their devices in real-time as you progress through the presentation.
  • Monitor your students’ responses to interactive questions and activities as they come in. You can view individual responses or aggregate data to gauge understanding.
  • Offer feedback and guidance to your students based on their responses. You can address misconceptions, celebrate correct answers, and encourage participation.
  • Wrap up the session when you’ve covered all the material. Students can review the presentation and their responses later for reinforcement and review.
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How to Engage Learners as a teacher to use Pear Deck?

As a teacher, you can engage your students like never before. With interactive questions, polls, and drawing tools, you’ll keep everyone involved and excited to participate. Instant feedback, group activities, and multimedia content make lessons dynamic and memorable. Let’s revolutionize your classroom together with Pear Deck or joinPD!

  • Ask questions throughout your lesson to keep students thinking and participating. They can answer right on their devices, making it easy for everyone to join in.
  • Use polls to gather opinions and preferences from your students. It’s like taking a vote on what they think about a topic, and it keeps things interesting!
  • Let students show what they know by drawing on the slides. Whether it’s diagrams, illustrations, or doodles, drawing adds a fun and creative element to learning.
  • Include discussion prompts to spark conversations among your students. It’s a great way to get everyone talking and sharing their ideas.
  • Give feedback right away to keep students motivated and on track. Seeing their progress in real-time helps them stay engaged and focused.
  • Assign group tasks or activities using Pear Deck or join.pd to encourage collaboration. Working together on a task fosters teamwork and helps students learn from each other.
  • Use images, videos, and audio clips to make your lessons more engaging and visually appealing. Multimedia content captures students’ attention and enhances their understanding of the topic.
  • Give students the opportunity to lead parts of the lesson using Pear Deck. It boosts their confidence, encourages responsibility, and keeps everyone actively involved in the learning process.

What are the benefits of using pear deck as a teacher?

Using Pear Deck as a teacher has many benefits that make teaching easier and more engaging. One benefit is that Pear Deck or JoinPD .com helps teachers to make their lessons interactive. This means that students can participate and engage with the lesson instead of just listening. With Pear Deck, teachers can ask questions, show polls, and even let students draw on the slides. This makes learning fun and keeps students interested in the lesson.

Another benefit of Pear Deck or joinpd is that it allows for instant feedback. When students answer questions or participate in activities, teachers can see their responses right away. This helps teachers to understand what students are learning and where they might need help. It also lets teachers give feedback to students quickly, which can help them to improve their understanding.

Pear Deck or joinpd also helps teachers to personalize learning for their students. Teachers can create lessons that meet the needs and interests of each student. They can include different types of questions and activities to appeal to different learning styles. This helps to keep all students engaged and learning at their own pace.

Additionally, Pear Deck or joinpd makes it easy for teachers to track student progress over time. Teachers can see how students are doing on different questions and activities, and they can use this information to adjust their teaching as needed. This helps to ensure that all students are making progress and understanding the material.

Finally, Pear Deck can be used in both traditional and remote teaching settings. This means that teachers can use Pear Deck whether they are teaching in a classroom or online. This flexibility makes it easier for teachers to adapt to different teaching situations and continue engaging their students no matter where they are. Overall, Pear Deck is a valuable tool for teachers that helps to make teaching more interactive, personalized, and effective.

Tips and tricks while using pear deck as a teacher

Enhance your teaching with Pear Deck! Here are some helpful tips and tricks to maximize engagement and effectiveness in your classroom presentations. From planning ahead to encouraging participation, let’s make learning interactive and fun!

  • Outline your lesson and decide where to insert interactive elements like questions and polls. This ensures a smooth flow and maximizes engagement.
  • If you’re new to Pear Deck, begin with basic interactive features like multiple-choice questions or drawing activities before exploring more advanced options.
  • Remind students to join the Pear Deck or joinpd session and actively participate throughout the lesson. Encourage them to ask questions and share their thoughts.
  • Clearly explain how to interact with Pear Deck activities to your students. This prevents confusion and ensures everyone can participate effectively.
  • Keep an eye on students’ responses as they come in. Use this real-time feedback to gauge understanding and adjust your teaching as needed.
  • Tailor Pear Deck activities to meet the needs and interests of your students. Incorporate relevant examples and allow for individualized responses whenever possible.
  • After each lesson, reflect on what worked well and what could be improved. Use this feedback to refine your Pear Deck or JoinPD presentations and enhance student engagement in future sessions.


Pear Deck or JoinPD offers teachers a versatile and engaging tool for creating interactive presentations and assessing student understanding. With its user-friendly interface and integration with various learning management systems.

Pear Deck simplifies lesson delivery and enhances student participation. By leveraging its features and resources, educators can foster a dynamic learning environment that promotes active engagement and deeper comprehension among students.


Can students join my Pear Deck session from any device?

Students can join your Pear Deck or joinpd .com session from any device with internet access. Whether they are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, students can participate in your Pear Deck presentation by accessing the session link provided by the teacher.

This device flexibility allows for seamless integration into various classroom setups and accommodates different student preferences and technology availability, ensuring accessibility for all learners.

Does Pear Deck offer pre-made lesson templates?

Pear Deck or joinpd provides a library of pre-made lesson templates to assist teachers in creating engaging presentations quickly. These templates cover various subjects and topics, offering educators a starting point for their lessons.

By utilizing pre-made templates, teachers can save time on designing slides and focus more on crafting content and interacting with students. Additionally, the templates are customizable, allowing for flexibility to meet specific teaching objectives and styles.

Can I export student responses from Pear Deck for further analysis?

You can export student responses from Pear Deck for further analysis. After a session, you have the option to export responses to Google Sheets or download them as a CSV file.

This functionality enables teachers to review and analyze student answers in more detail, track progress over time, and identify areas for improvement.

By exporting responses, educators can gain valuable insights into student understanding and tailor their instruction to better meet individual learning needs.

Is Pear Deck suitable for remote or hybrid learning environments?

Pear Deck is highly suitable for remote or hybrid learning environments. Its interactive features engage students actively, fostering participation and comprehension during virtual lessons.

Teachers can seamlessly integrate Pear Deck or joinpd with various learning management systems, facilitating smooth communication and assignment distribution.

Additionally, real-time assessment capabilities allow educators to monitor student progress and adapt instruction accordingly, regardless of whether students are learning in person or remotely.

How to use Pear Deck as a teacher - JoinPD (2024)
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